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How to organize garage tools?

We think that clutter in our garages is a very common problem. People tend to collect all the products around. In this short article we can find out how to organize small things like screws, nuts, nails, small spare parts, etc.

  • Let’s summarize the state of your garage tools.
  • This is the most important point. Throw away any unnecessary items that you haven’t used for years. If you think they are still usable for someone, you can sell or donate them, for example via craigslist. Be uncompromising. If you have not used the thing for 5 years when will it be used next? Is it better both storing and moving these things again and again? Maybe you will use them sometime later. From my our own experience in storing things that “I could ever use again”, in fact about 95% of them I will never use again. I prefer to save valuable space and if necessary I can buy it again in a few years. My rule is: I have less, I care less.
  • How many items are still in the garage? It’s logical. The more items you want to save, the more space and storage room you need.
  • What are the dimensions of the items? Consider the size of the items and decide on the appropriate storage containers. You can also combine container sizes. Use small containers for small things. Big containers for big things. If you put everything in a few large containers, the search will be very difficult.
  • Are the dimensions of the wall where your new organizer will be mounted sufficient? It depends on the amount and dimensions of the containers how much space you need. For example, using one piece of the 15.5 ″ x 15.5″ Garage Bin Pegboard 1.7 SF you can hang either:
  • Of course you can combine various sizes of these storage bins.
  • Sort all things like garage tools, spare parts, screws, nails or nuts by purpose and then by size.
  • Do not forget to mark the containers well enough and refill what you really think is necessary.
  • Keep 20-30% free space. You will certainly find things in the future that you will want to store again. If you have nowhere to put it aside, clutter will start again.